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 आइये, शिव को अपना गुरु बनायें – हरींद्रानन्द, दीदी नीलम आनंद।
In the field of spiritualism we are propagating the concept of Jagat Guru Shiva and his discipleness. This concept is one of the most precious Indian spiritual heritage

which unfortunately remained only in the books.It is Revered Warenya Guru Bhrata Sahab Sri Harindrananda Ji who has realized that Lord Shiva acts as Guru. He has propounded three Sutras for becoming a Disciple of Lord Shiva

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हम सभी शिव शिष्य एवं शिष्यागण अपने पूर्व के संकल्प की पुनरावृति करते हैं की इस वर्ष २०१७ में जनमानस को शिव की गुरु सत्ता से सम्बद्ध करेंगे और इस कार्य की गति गुणात्मक होगी। पूर्ण विश्वास है कि हम सभी शिव शिष्यता के पथ पर अबाध गति से अनवरत चलते रहेंगे, जन-जन को प्रेरित करते रहेंगे; गंतव्य हमसबों की प्रतीक्षा में है । ससाधुवाद


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Welcome to our website

As An Organized Concept, It First Was Started And Is Being Spread Far And Wide By Revered Shri Harindrananda, Starting Early 1980’s. He Spent years in the sciences of Tantra, Mantra, Tantrik Sadhnas, etc. but never got the kind of spiritual bliss which he was in search of. Ultimately he realized and felt in himself that SHIVA is the source of all past and present and future Knowledge. HE is the perennial source of all things which Good human beings (Sada’-aatmas) strive and search for. He got the inner voice saying to him to spread SHIVA GURU.


Spreading the fragrance of spiritualism, peace equality and how to blossom into a fine human being by blending one's work and spiritual needs guided by the GURU Lord SHIVA far and wide.